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Extraordinary Grace

If a truly accurate picture is generated from gathering a broad array of perspectives, then the scientific community’s distinctly male skew could well be impeding breakthrough ideas. But human psychology suggests that “If I look at the mass I will never act. If I look at the one I will”.

During my time at Pebble Studios we tried to see if we could tackle the issue of Diversity in STEM through this perspective.

By focusing on the one. We did this through Grace. A young woman whose future career is on a course towards winning a Nobel Prize. Her input into science is going to change the world and she’ll save many lives. But the journey to this achievement is filled with uncertainty, frequently asking herself a life-defining question: ”Should I continue with a career in Science".

We invited the scientific community to help mentor Grace and guide her through her journey in STEM, helping her achieve the great milestones she's destined for.
Project details
Produced for SCIEX
IN 2021
SkILLS & Disiplines
Creative Conception, UX/UI, Branding, Visual Developemnt, Animation
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A Journey towards answers
This project was a multi phased approach to produce answers to the questions we had. The first stage of the project was to gain as many viewpoints (or mentors) as possible. We did this by creating an immersive survey experience in which mentors were asked to provide grace with advice on her STEM journey, based on their own experiences.

This was all achieved at

I was responsible for developing the look and feel, Identity and UI for the project and survey experience.
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Explore an entire community
The final question of the survey asks mentors to leave a recorded or written message for Grace to encourage her on her journey. This was then added to the database and made available in the explorer section of the website. Here users can hear their own message as well as explore all the other messages left by Grace’s mentors.

Users could also filter the messages to search for particular people, locations or industry.
Bringing Grace to life using digital technology
What good is gathering data if you can’t share the learnings? We decided the best person to share the findings was.... Grace.

We took all the data and advice that Grace’s mentors had given her and let her tell her own story in the form of a Keynote speech delivered in Mineapolis in the summer of 2022.

You can meet Grace below.
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