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Bred in Belfast
Built in London
Thanks for stopping by and Welcome to NK_D... that’s Nick Koch Designs.... but who is Nick Koch I hear you ask?

Well I am a Designer that helps brands and businesses tell better and more engaging stories online. Whether that be through re-imagining their visual language from the ground up or optimising the UX/UI of their digital platform to create a better experience for their customers.

I spent the first 13 years of my career in various agencies, from brand and advertising to web technology and 3D production. I love helping businesses discover what they need and helping to turn those discoveries into a reality.

I have worked for clients across a variety of industries from Sports, Retail and Food and Drink to Finance, Technology and Life Sciences.

I believe we should ‘Design for Joy’ and that design can truly make the difference. It may not change the world but it can certainly make it a better place to be.
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UI design
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Queens University Belfast logoLords logoInvestec logoCity of London logoRory McIlroy foundation logoSCIEX logoGordon Ramsay restaurants slogoESB logoClyde and Co logoBank of Ireland logoWinningtemp logoAcadiasoft logoGraham Construction logoBluestone logoVodafone logo
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