Go7 are a new aviation technology solution company that entered the market in 2023. Their core belief is that technology has a significant role to play in unleashing airlines and the experience they offer. In a world where everyone expects more, airlines can deliver by being agile, flexible and willing. They believe that means putting the customer at the centre of what we do. So that airlines can find new ways to keep the world travelling.

This is why I was brought on by their team to help them develop their digital brand offering, with a customer centric approach. Taking the initial thinking that had been developed by another branding agency and making it work for them in a digital capacity. I helped design their new design system for the website, and set the creative direction for the brand in the digital marketplace
Project details
Produced for Go7
IN 2022
SkILLS & Disiplines
UX/UI, Web Design, Interaction Design, Design System Development
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A first class user experience
With every new brand entering a market it is important to make a good first impression, especially with a disruptor brand. Go7 wanted to make sure that their new website created a visual impression with users, embracing storytelling and putting people at the centre of the brand without compromising on the ease of functionality for the user.
Evolve and maintain
A big part of my role was to evolve the visual direction that had been established and create guidelines that could be adopted for the internal team. This included visual design tokens for components, interactive behaviour online and setting an illustrative direction for their product marketing shots.
mobile navigationlatest news mock up with filters panel open
Empower the team
A major goal for this design system was creating as much control for the Go7 team to create a variety of experiences online, while also protecting the overall design.

The system comprised of over 50 modular components with over 2,200 possible variants for desktop and mobile. By using an atomic approach I was able to create an incredibly flexible solution without creating a difficult to manage system for a small marketing team.
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